new year's eve at terroir


Terroir Wine Bar
celebrates New Year's Eve*
at ALL of the Terroirs!

terroir e.vil
413 East 12th Street

Choose Your Own Adventure
The original sandbox of a wine bar can be yours and yours alone!
You and a bunch of friends (up to 25 total) can take over the joint.
We will cook for you and make you drink.
We can go formal with a sit-down, structured affair. Or we can go casual, with a "cocktail party" atmosphere.
Arrival: 9:00pm...and the place is yours until 2:00am
Cost: $3000.00 all-inclusive SOLD OUT

Contact: Jarred Roth at

terroir tribeca
24 Harrison Street

A Magnum of a Good Time...
All wine, out of magnums... All beer, out of kegs... All food, from a kick-ass kitchen
Music...but, of course.
Arrival: 9:00pm...and party with us until 2:00am
Cost: $100.00 all-inclusive

Book Tickets HERE

terroir murray hill
439 Third Avenue

heavy metal new year's
(as it is Heavy Metal Monday after all...)
featuring a 5-course tasting menu with matching Metalesque wines

1st Course
Frittata / Roasted Beets / Smokey Almonds
Manzanilla Sherry

2nd Course
Calamari Salad with Smoked Chick Peas
Riesling, Flat Rock Vineyards, 2010, Niagara Peninsula

3rd Course
Oxtail Risotta Balls
Cabernet Franc, Hermann Wiemer, 2008, Finger Lakes

4th Course
Rigatoni with Tuscan Pork Ragu / Veal Ricotta Meatballs
Harlaftis, 2008, Nemea

Chocolate Budino - Broadbent 5 Year Madeira

***Arrival: 9:00pm...and you can celebrate with us until 2:00am, continuing to enjoy more food and drink after the dinner proper finishes
Cost: $120.00 all-inclusive


***Arrival: 11:00pm...and you can bang your head with us until 2:00am,
enjoying a Lars Ulrich smorgasbord of wines / beers / snacks
Cost: $70.00 all-inclusive

Book Tickets HERE

terroir park slope
284 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

Good Food / Good Wine / Good Year - Auld Lang Wyne
We open our doors at 5:00pm and invite the neighborhood in.
It will be a regular night for us except that Allison & Allison will be contemplating the year that was!

Come as you are, do as you please.
However, if you want us to make all the decisions,
the team has cooked up a cool little repast:

Pignoletto dell'Emilia Sparkling, Zucchi, 2010, Emilia-Romagna

Fried Fish with Potato Salad and Escarole
Saint-Péray Sparkling, Les Champ Libres, NV, Rhône Valley

Olive Oil Cake
Champagne (uhmmm, yes it is sparkling!), Nicolas Maillart, NV, Champagne

Cost: $45.00 per person

The full menu will also be available in addition to a bevy of wines and beers.
Contact: well, just come in and see us
or, if the spirit moves you, email Allison at



*Like many things we enjoy in today's world...
bubble baths, Bacchanalian Festivals, marauding across the landscape invading countries to the North...we owe the celebration of New Year's Eve on December 31st to Julius Caesar. Back in 46BC, he instituted the Julian Calendar which
established January 1st as the first day of the year.

The Babylonians were actually the first to celebrate a New Year about 4000 years ago,
but their revelry focused on the first new moon after the Spring Equinox.

For the Romans, Januarius was the first month of the year, named after Janus, the Roman god of beginnings. He (the god) looked both backward to the past and forward to the future. The Romans would exchange gifts, hang laurel wreaths and
attend kick-ass parties headlined by Coldplay.

The Catholic Church originally condemned these celebrations as paganism but eventually saw the Light and created religious observances to correspond with these holidays.
It is therefore supremely ironic that January 1st is the Feast of Christ's Circumcision.

So, on this celebration of the impending New Year, we remember the past 365 days with fondness and look forward to the next 365 days with glorious anticipation.



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