The Most Intense Summer of Riesling YET Continues to Burn Brightly, A Beacon of Acidity All Across New York City, Inspiring Acidhounds Across The Country And All Over The Planet

Attention , Dear Terroirists.

We have much to discuss, exhort and celebrate. Let's begin with a multitude of Summer of Riesling inspired events.

Both Terroir winelists feature upwards of 29 Rieslings By The Glass. And ONLY Riesling, it's the only white by the glass we will offer ALL SUMMER. Check out this sample page from Terroir | Tribeca. While mulling over the depth and intensity of our Rieslingmania, you may want to read this essay, Musings on Riesling, penned by Our Fearless Leader, Chairman Grieco in an effort to explain to the newly initiated, the timid, the curious What This Summer Is All About. Featuring a terrific new poem which may, or may not, make our enthusiasm crystal clear.

We made the front page of The New York Times. Kinda neat.

 NYT: Grieco Armwrestles Bruni Over Residual Sugar! Bruni Vows To Grow Goatee, Drink Only Ausleses From Now On

As is our tradition,
we have invited Terroirists of note to contribute to our infamous winelists with their own Favorite Rieslings which of course are available for you to imbibe along with their thoughts. Rajat Parr on Leitz, Randall Grahm on Von Schubert, Inez Ribustello on Richter, Hristo Zisovski on Gassmann, Jesse Rodriguez on Karthauserhof and of course, the reigning German Wine Queen, Sonja Christ, on Knebel.

August Riesling Tastings Continuing throughout the summer, a series of Riesling tastings to school you in style at Terroir | E.Vil.

Austrian Rieslings
Thursday August 26th, 6:00pm $25.00

Funny to think that barely 20 years ago, the wines of Austria were absolutely foreign to us. In these subsequent years though, the Austrians have come on like a vinous juggernaut, not only creating niches for their indigenous varietals (Grüner Veltliner, Zierfandler, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent) but impressing all with their monumental expressions of Riesling. In the wine world, we generally synthesize all information to create a uniform this case, all Rieslings taste like German Rieslings. On the contrary, Austrian Rieslings are vitally and powerfully different. More weight, more power, screaming levels of dryness...monstrous examples of what primary rock combined with the world's greatest grape can produce. The regions of Wachau, Kremstal and Kamptal will be explored tonight, with visits to some of the greatest and coolest producers in the country.

Austrian Rieslings
Tuesday, August 31st, 6:00pm $25.00

Little do we realize that one of the world's great venues for growing great Riesling wines lies just north of our fair city. And if you are willing to make the 5 hour pilgrimage to the Finger Lakes, you will find a glorious tableau in which Riesling thrives. At the forefront of this Riesling Promised Land is Hermann Wiemer Vineyards, the leading light in the introduction of fine wine grapes to this region. Oskar Bynke, one of the maestros at the estate, will present the full range of wines tonight, from the Dry Reserve 2008 and 2003, to the single vineyard wines (Magdalena 2008, HJW 2008) and finishing with the Late Harvest 2008 and the TBA 2008. As we know, New York is second to none...much like our Rieslings (at least in the United States).XX

Read more, more, more about The Tastings.

THE CRAWL Eleven of NYC's most insane wine bars, our comrades in Riesling Fanaticism joined in for a Bar Crawl that from July 7th to August 7th. Fifteen of our most hardcore Acidhounds donned Terroir T Shirts, decorated their bodies with our tattoos and stickers and got their Official Crawl Passports officially stamped at each of these venues. Their entries are now being studied by Chairman Grieco at An Undisclosed Location, while our Crawl Finalists study and prepare answers to Secret Essay questions which we have encoded and passed onto them.

As always, please consult:
The Official Summer of Riesling Safety Tips.

The Pig Roast.  was held at Hearth every Tuesday night this past July and August. We are now preparing for the Final Pig Roast of The Season. Don't miss it.

We have created a three-course menu featuring a glorious pig prepared in the Tuscan tradition (stuffed with pork sausage) as the centerpiece.$44 per person. To compliment the food-stuffs, a cool corresponding menu of wine/beer will be offered for $18 per person.
More details about The Pig Roast here.

Summer of Riesling Today, Summer of Riesling Tomorrow, Summer of Riesling FOREVER!

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