October 2010

ANNOUNCING THE MIGHTY WINNERS of our First Annual Summer of Riesling CRAWL.

The Mighty Finalists have each participated with vim, vigor and distinction. They have travelled to all 15 bars, ordered Riesling, consumed it with wild abandon and, yes, gotten their Official Passports stamped with A Super Official, Highly Classified Stamp of Completion. Then, they addressed our Essay Questions.

Our decision was not an easy one. The incredible entries--both the Passports and Essays, brim with floral notes and thrilling acidity. We asked for detailed notes and our Loyal Terroirists did NOT fail us. Holy shit, there was enough action here to create several of our "more is more" winelists from scratch. (Links to PDF scans of at least some highlights. We are hoping to exhibit these documents in a vitrine at Terroir|Tribeca when we have to return the Shroud to Turin later this year.

Vanessa "Breathing heavily, I thanked Dionysus that I had opted for the Riesling" Sendros
Vanessa inched ahead of the competition with her Final Challenge Essay and Verses.

"Bits of sandy rock cascaded down the cliff face and pegged the top of my parched head as my fingers struggled to get a better grasp of the ledge. "Damn you, Paul Grieco!" echoed across the lifeless ravine. I could hear the reverberating exclaimation expand the breadth of my lungs, a health benefit of the delicous nectar." Read it all.

Racy Runners Up:

Yael Maxwell Amazing Illustrated Cliffhanger is a Stickermeister Favorite SALUTE!
Her Passport highlights: Crossouts, Correct, Cartoons. "Smells of gasoline." Veloce Nutella Panino For The Win

Justin Christoph Pulp. Riesling. AMAZING.
"And I will strike down upon thee with great hail storms and plylloxera those who attempt to poison my vineyards." Royale With Cheese, baby.

Usman Khan "I'd rather have a bottle of Dr. Bürklin-Wolf clutched to my chest and die happy than knowing a particular wine is to save my sorry arse because it's malolactic fermented". AMEN. And single-spaced too, Loyal Ones!!

Fritz Favorule Essay bristling with Terroirist Fervor "I am Riesling, hear me roar" ROAAWR!


Honorable With High Honors:

Turtora / Mulvey A.K.A.Team Q Gorgeous infographic!  Great Nicholas Joly Quotes!  Our stickers! YEAH

Alex Jones "If that is the last thing I taste, then I was better for it and can be buried with a smirk"
Passport highlight: "May have liked the AA Badenhorst 2006 more"

Naina Dhingra Stickermeister Salute for Best Use of Cool Collage Classic Collage Elements. Featuring Suicidal, Chardonnay Quaffing Sheep  (Essay)

Laura Forde Awesome Passport. Holy Riesling Related Captions, Batman. "So drunk I had to go back for the stamp"  YES. Also, "Paul Grieco sent me to Siberia--81st and Amsterdam!"
  Just wait 'til next year when the Crawl includes locations in Slovenia and Tel Aviv!


Terroirist Cell With Slate, Acid and PETROL:

Sydney Richards and Lauren Hirschberg Wouldn't be caught dead with a glass of Chardonnay in their clutches.

Danielle King Fruity Quaffers Unite And Take OVER
  We are the Official Wine Bar of Scribbles, False Starts, Second Chances and Raising Stars After Some Consideration

Special, Lined Notebook, Low-Fi Stickermeister Seal of Piercingly Acidic Approval WÏTH ÜMLÄÜTS:
Edward D'Amore Recieves an "Ä" for his Ëssäy!  Even better The Letter: "I went on a first date without even trying to wash off my ACIDHOUND tattoo" Nevermind Passports: "This Riesling had a strong nose of wet dog"  "First Stop/Last Stop: Terroir" And of course, "WHOA Minerality! More limestone than a 60 lb bag of cement" (Alois Lageder '09 Riesling Rain at D.O.C.)

We are utterly floored by the intensity, quality and enthusiasm demonstrated by this year's Crawlers.



What Was This Crawl All About?

Twist and Crawl!   First Annual Summer of Riesling CRAWL.

Start Date: July 7th-----Finish Date: August 7th

Crawl Rules:
1) Slip on a pair of your favorite shoes
2) Walk, bus, train, fly or crawl to participating locations
3) Order a glass of the Riesling listed for that venue and receive a stamp* in your passport
4) Thank the earth for offering up such liquid bounty
5) Move on to the next location
6) Repeat praises of the grape & kiss your neighbor

Completed** passports were returned to Hearth restaurant at 403 East 12th street by Tuesday, August 10th for thorough dissection & DNA testing.

Those with the most completed stops received two Questions.. Based on those answers, a winner was selected and will receive:

Most Enlightening,
Riesling-Focused Tasting Dinner at
Hearth Restaurant
For Six People
(Time permitting, The entire meal may be narrated by Chairman Grieco on a set of 12 museum-quality, individually autographed quadraphonic audio tour cassettes. )

MANY THANKS to this Rollcall of Hardcore Acidhound Sanctuaries:

Bar Boulud Riesling Trocken, Keller, 2009, Rheinhessen

Bar Veloce Riesling, Leon Beyer 2007, Alsace

Bin No 220 Riesling, Skyleaf, 2009, Waipara Valley

Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar
Classic Dry Riesling Group (Two ounce taste of each wine)
Riesling, Kuentz-Bas, 2008 Alsace
Riesling Smargd, Kaiserberg, Prager, 2007, Wachau
Riesling, "Dry", Hermann J Wiemer, 2007, Finger Lakes

Blue Ribbon Brooklyn Riesling, Gotham Project, Finger Lakes (in keg)

Colicchio & Sons Tap Room Riesling, Belle Pente, Willamette Valley

Counting Room Riesling Kabinett, Bünchen, 2007, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer

D.O.C. Riesling, Rain, Alois Lageder, 2009, Trentino-Alto Adige

Gottino Riesling, San Michele, 2008, Trentino-Alto Adige

Huckleberry Bar Riesling Kabinett, Rudesheimer Klosterlay, Leitz, 2009, Rheingau

Tangled Vine Riesling Kabinett, Jean-Baptiste, Gunderloch, 2007, Rheinhessen

PLUS, of course, The Elitist Wine Bar for Everyone:

Terroir | E.Vil Riesling Feinherb, Bassermann-Jordan, 2008, Pfalz

Terroir | Tribeca Riesling, Wallula Vineyard, Pacific Rim, 2007, Columbia Valley

Please consult: The Official Summer of Riesling Safety Tips.

* A Super Official, Highly Classified Stamp of Completion. Naturally, Dear Terroirists!

** Completed, Partially completed, Whatever.