Terroir Home      413 E. 12th St. NYC      Open Mon-Sat 5 pm-2am (food til 1am) Sun 5 pm-midnight       No Micro-oxygenation, No Phone

“The best sommeliers create winelists with attitude.” You Talkin' To ME? Saveur Magazine April 2009

Gary V shows us his Game with Marlies, The German Wine Queen. Seduction Community, take notes! (video)

Travel & Leisure names Terroir as one of  "The 50 Best New Restaurants in the U.S.A."  What can we say? We make the most of our sandbox!

Time Out New York Eat Out Awards 2009: Best new wine bar  Neat. Plus, TONY stopped by with William "The Shoveller" Macy to make a home video with Marco & Paul.

New York Magazine: Best Wine Bar
 Thanks, NY Magazine!

Feedbag does cool videos and more cool videos with Marco proudly wearing our limited edition Pedro X tee. Awesome & Educational! Ramps, baby, ramps!

Terroir/Steven Solomon among 3 finalists nationwide for Best Ever Restaurant Graphics Beardie. Which means we are Numero Uno for one with Schizophrenic Cursewords.

Gonzo Gastronomy gets it.  She visits both Hearth and Terroir and tells us all about it. Loves: Mark, Monastrell and our swanky bibliophilic and Hendrix-infused bathroom.

West Coast Wine Guru Mingles With His Followers at Terroir  Feedbag drops in on We Love Randall and lives to tell the tale

The Abbey Flip Makes The New York Post  We Want a Headless Topless Headline in The Post and we won't stop until we get it. This is pretty cool, though

Bon Appetit: The Hot 10: Raising the Wine Bar  (We are listed right next to our SF friends, Bar Bambino and we look forward to an East Coast vs. West Coast Battle of The Wine Bars)

"Best New Wine Bar That Lives Up to the Hype"-Village Voice.

"Terroir vs. Terroir"-SF Gate.com - OK, but what do you mean "minor cults of personality"? We go for Big, Fat, Ginormous Cults of Personality, with lots of tannic structure and notes of cassis.

Alot of great videos of Grandmaster Grieco interviewing Superheroes of The Wine World on Wine Taste TV

"Surrender yourself to sherry at Terroir". Tasting Table digs our political, historical bent. Also, our lamb sausage.

Dr. Vino gets it.

Grub Street also gets it. Let's link back and forth in a phylloxera inspired frenzy until we bring down the entire internet!

Ed Levine visited and took alot of pictures of sandwiches.

We got reviewed as a restaurant by the New York Times. OMGWTFBBQ!

New York Magazine's Cheap Eats List.

Time Out likes us, we think. Paul is the Tammy Faye Baker of wine, not Billy Graham though.

NY Sun uses sports analogies we don't understand, but is reunited with Duck Ham and Taleggio.

Gourmet Magazine has many nice things to say about us.