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Back to School soon, but Summer ain't over!
Hit the books and the grapes with Chairman Grieco. You Must Learn! JUST ADDED: Alsace and
the Bernkasteler Doctor Vineyard

Behold. Our continuing Summer of Riesling Tastings which are sure to entertain, tantalize and educate you on this glorious grape. All tastings at Terroir E.Vil.

Alsatian Rieslings
Monday, September 13th, 6:00pm $25.00

Alsace sometimes gets lost in the conversation of French wine. With its obvious Germanic attachments, few realize that this region in the northeast of France is one of the finest growing regions in the country. And it is the only part of France that legally allows Riesling to be grown. And what Rieslings they are: powerful, richly fruited, long lived, incredible expressions of the myriad terroirs in this 50 mile stretch of wine nirvana. We will explore the villages and the Grand Cru sites, the dry wines and the late harvest wines, and the schizophrenia that comes from being French, German and Alsatian all at the same time.

The Glorious Bernkasteler Doctor, the greatest vineyard in Germany
Tuesday, September 14th, 6:00pm $25.00

Superlatives too easily flow from the lips of wine folk. But in the case of the Bernkasteler Doctor Vineyard and the estate of Dr. H. Thanisch - Erben Müller-Burggraef, there are not enough words to describe the glory of this land and its wines. The fame of the parcel originated with the Archbishop of Trier who in the mid 13th century fell ill and could only be cured with the wine from this vineyard; thereafter, it was known as the Doctor. Its 8.1 acres are the most expensive agricultural land in Germany. Barbara Rundquist-Müller presently oversees the estate and will be joining us tonight to regale us with historical tales and bottles of wine genius. This vineyard is the epitome of greatness in the Riesling vine; your Riesling life will never be the same after this night.

The Wines of Burklin-Wolf from the Pfalz Region of Germany
Tuesday, September 21st, 6:00pm $25.00

The broad brush used to paint Germany as producing solely sweet wine is very much in tatters. And to be honest, this brush never completely covered the massive canvas that is Germany. Of the 13 wine regions in the country, the Pfalz Region has been producing dry wine for many a decade. The wines are big, powerful and expressive on a grand scale; maybe, just maybe, these wines are the perfect marriage of the German, Austrian and Alsatian styles. Annette Siegrist of the Burklin-Wolf Estate will join us tonight to expound on these majestic wines, bringing with her the single crus of Rechbächel, Pechstein and Gaisböhl (a mini vertical of '07, '03 and '97). If your only thought and memory of German wine involves sweetness, strap on your seat belt and join us for this monumental journey to the German Trocken (Dry) Land.

The Wines of Prager and Stadt Krems from Austria
Wednesday, September 22nd, 6:00pm SOLD OUT
For the final night of Summer of Riesling 2010, we are going out with a bang, aided by two friends from Austria: Robert Bodenstein of Weingut Prager in the Wachau Region and Franz Josef Gansberger of Stadt Krems in the Kremstal Region. In their respective areas, both producers are hallmarks for what the Riesling grape grown in grand terroir can produce. Each of them will be given a soap box to proclaim the glories of their respective lands and of course each of them has brought cool grape juice to give us a liquid expression of their abilities. As a final hurrah to Summer of Riesling 2010, we could not have asked for anything greater..

**All tastings will be held at Terroir EVil at 413 East 12th Street**

To reserve a seat, please call 646-602-1300
or e-mail Paul at pgrieco@restauranthearth.com and provide a credit card to secure your reservation.

We look forward to seeing you through the Summer of Riesling

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