Archive of Terroir Wine Bar Home Pages PLUS selected videos

We will post more of our basement tapes later on,
maybe after the usual motorcycle accident or accidental overdose of
Blaufränkish but right now it's...

Just The Terroir Home Pages, Ma'am:

Hello, My Name Is Summer Of Riesling 2010

Tribeca Goes LIVE April 2010

(video)Terroir|Tribeca Video Demolishing The "Plywood Report"

(video)Plywood Demo Job II: Jefferson's Wine Cellar Reborn

(video)DEBUT of Terroir|Tribeca AND Introducing Riesling On Tap

Silver Bartolo: Terroir-The Elitist Wine Bar For Everyone Late January 2009

Bonus track: Terroir|Tribeca Coming Soon Mid January 2009

Happy Slightly Twitching New Years January 2009

Vote Or Die for Terroir Sometime January 2009

Happy Holidays, We Mean It, Man. December 2009

Terroir Goes Back To School (Stickermania/Notebooks) September 2009

Summer of Riesling 2009 (Beach Boys/Twee Pop) June 2009

Celebrating Beard Nomination With Bearded James Beard March 2009

We Love Randall (Graham) Late January 2009

Obama Inauguration! January 2009

Happy Holidays, Buy a T-Shirt December 2008

German Wine Queen Marlies 1st Visit Late November 2008

President Elect Obama Refuses Chardonnay, Requests Manzanilla Sherry Early November 13,2008

Jerez September 2008

Summer of Riesling 2008 July 2008

Terroir Is Your Flag Pin May 2008

Terroir Wine Bar is Open March 2008

Original Coming Soon pages (A.K.A. Sayings Of Chairman Paul) 2008

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*We didn't say that, Winechap did, but it sounds cool. It's not the whole truth. We're proud to be part of a scene, a movement, the zeitgeist, a historical imperative to reject frankenwines etc.

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