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“The best sommeliers create winelists with attitude.” You Talkin' To ME? Saveur Magazine April 2009

Great roundtable with Marco Canora, Floyd Cardoz and Daniel Boulud. Grub Street/New York Magazine March 2009

Wine and Spirits credit us with popularizing the fava bean. " wasn’t until Marco added the dish to the menu at Hearth that 'these beans caught on Stateside.' " Wine and Spirits Magazine Fall 2008.

"Jordan Frosolone Tends Hearth Every Night" Cool profile with great photo of our Chef de Cuisine Emeritus (and now chef of August!) New York Magazine February 2008.

"You now know something in New York that is unsurpassed, convenient, and inexpensive. Why aren't you on your way over there?" Alan Richman at GQ January 2007 sticks up for Marco.

"It's pastrami on rye's urbane, wholesome cousin."Recipe Redux; 1959: Stuffed Pork Chops New York Times Magazine January 2007

"Mr. Grieco is right." Ausleses Put Sweetness on the Table New York Times January 2007

"Hearth’s Kathy Madison, a simple and soul-satisfying combination of bourbon and ginger-infused apple cider, might just endure." Saving The Toddy New York Times January 2007

Marco does a Q&A with Frank Bruni of the New York Times where he cops to loving Blueberry Pop Tarts. (If you get him some as a gift, no frosting please).

"No fuss, no swagger, no reservation traumas…is Hearth too good to be true?" Travel and Leisure December 2006

A great video on Savory New York with Mr. Canora as well.

"...the best education at this spectacular
restaurant can be had simply by taking a seat at
the narrow counter that borders the kitchen and
asking the chef and co-owner, Marco Canora about everything that he turns out."
The New Yorker August 2004 Tables for Two

"...Canora is an extreme Greenmarketeer, a chef preoccupied with the sanctity of fresh, seasonal ingredients and the purity of taste."New York Magazine June 2005 New York’s Next Generation of Four-Star Chef Contenders

"...Grieco's selections reflect a passion for unearthing undiscovered gems." The Glory of Wine Fall 2005 Ten Grand Cellars

"...These top newcomers have inventive cuisine, a cool clientele and, best of all, staying power." Newsweek October 2004 Meal Ticket New York City

Marco's Japanese Sweet Potato recipe in New York Magazine November 2006

"...Her Banana Cake with Chocolate Sorbet is a perfect example of Dawson's ability to bring out the natural sweetness of ingredients and fuse the familiar with the unexpected." Chocolatier February/March 2005

"...Canora puts his own Italianate spin on Greenmarket cooking." New York Magazine January 2006 New York's 101 Best Restaurants In Order!  

"Pumpkin Party" Marco's family recipe for pumpkin tortelli. AM New York October 2006

"...The joint venture by chef Marco Canora and partner Paul Grieco emphasizes Mediterranean-inspired cuisine (the chef's family has roots in Tuscany) on its seasonal menu." Michelin Guide 2006 Recommends.

"...'chef to watch' Marco Canora dishes out 'innovative' cuisine 'bursting with flavor and freshness' " Zagat Survey 2006

"A vigorous, gamey wine that matches the hearty food intimately. A great success!" Wine International November 2005 International Sommelier Challenge

"...Canora left Craft to open Hearth, one of the better restaurants in the East Village..." Time Out New York October 2005 The Superstar Chefs

"...The bottom line, as Canora puts it:'They really taste like chicken' " New York October 2005 Kind of Blue

"...Armed and delicious...a memorable chew-crunch-cream explosion." Time Out December 2005 Braisin' In The Sun

"...One of New York's hottest chefs says his main aim is to make restaurant food taste as good as home cooking." The Age (Melbourne, Australia) July 2005 Like Mama Makes

"...Marco puts his heart and mind into his creations. It's the combination of the food and atmosphere that warms your soul." Cravings July 2005 Warm and Heartfelt

"...Marco Canora serves a remarkably good fava-bean and Pecorino salad." The New York Times Magazine June 2005 Buried Treasure

"...At Hearth, pastry chef Lauren Dawson replaces the cream cheese in her desserts with its more luxurious Italian counterpart, mascarpone." Food and Wine March 2005 Go Bananas!

"...The best seats in the house are at the narrow three-seat bar overlooking the kitchen." New York January 2005 Bar Crazy

(We're big in Japan, if any readers can translate the text in this generous spread, please let us know!) January 2005 Tokyo Calendar

"...Marco Canora--the chef largely responsible for elevating the fungus to "It" 'shroom status..." New York October 2004 Out of the Woods


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